The Hateful Memes Challenge: Detecting Hate Speech in Multimodal Memes.

We all would have come across many meme images in our social media feeds. The meme images can be informative, funny, hateful or even meaningless. But, meme images is very lucrative and innovative ways to spread and seed ideas into an normal social media user. Creating Meme’s and sharing it may have been started as fun leisure. But, now these Meme’s can make a huge social and political, it can be used as a media tool by both the extremists and liberals. The social media platforms are spending and creating modules and personal teams to filter the images and memes…

Author: Praveen Jalaja

credit: Marcelo Souza

To understand the better about machine learning world, building a model will help much more than reading and binging videos online. Hands-on is much required to scale the understanding of Machine learning concepts and its proper applications. Likewise, This is one of the hands-on case study done do get the better understanding of ML world. Since, The case Study discussed here is a Kaggle competition Elo Merchant Category Recommendation.


Elo Merchant Category Recommendation is a Kaggle competition which is provided by Elo. It is one of the largest payment brands in Brazil which provides the debit and…

Why This Post??

P-Value, One of the Concepts, In Statistics I would have revisited at least 10 to get a better understanding. When I first Learned P-value in High School, I was so confused and can’t wrap my 16yr old mind around it.

The way I remembered P-value,

if the P-value is less than 0.05 then rejects the null hypothesis. otherwise fails to reject the null hypothesis.

The intuition behind P-value and why it is used was not at all clear to me.

The Concept is very confusing and bizarrely counter-intuitive.

So, In this article, I am gonna try…

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